Is There Life After Retirement?

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Thinking out loud here …

Perhaps I’ll receive a $600 stimulus check, along with all others in my particular economic category.  I’ve recently retired and have a a pension + social security income + modest 401k tucked away that makes it all fairly livable.  Nevertheless … I could use an extra $600. No doubt.

But here’s the thing …

The stimulus check is for COVID related unemployment relief, right?  And although COVID has certainly impacted my life, it has not affected me economically.  If we were given the choice to receive it or to decline, I’m pretty sure I’d decline (as long as it went back into the pot).  But we don’t have that option so I’ll probably receive it.

But something isn’t sitting right about it.

Now just hear me out – it’s only a thought in progress –

What if I donated my $600 directly to a family who are still not able to return full-time to their jobs, for COVID-closure reasons?  Wouldn’t that be the ‘right’ thing to do? 

I don’t know.  Whether or not I do that will neither make me a saint nor a sinner. It’s not that big of a deal. I considered giving it to my (adult) son who did lose income when his hotel was closed.  But he’s working now and doesn’t have a family and – mainly – he’s my kid I’d give him money no matter what.

I just think it would be cool to simply let go of it.  Not to a food bank, not to a fund.  Just find a family that is still struggling because their earning ability was affected, and just anonymously … poof!  A little drop in the bucket where it’s more needed.  

I don’t know … just thinking aloud.  Maybe I will.  Maybe I won’t. I’m not posting this for pats on the head. An idea in theory is way different from taking a specific action. Maybe I will but maybe I won’t. I just kinda hope I do.

Wanna join me? If I can talk three people into it (who were not financially impacted by COVID) then I’ll do it!