So This Thing Happened …

Scene 1

“Oh my God, Mom, is that REALLY Maui down there?!  I can’t believe it!  Joe, move.  Lemme see it!”

“Ouch, dammit Emma,  get off me! “

“Oh shut up – that’s Maui down there.  That’s MAUI,  Joe!”

Annie Jones listened to her squabbling twins in the seats in front of her, thinking that they sounded more like eight than eighteen.

“Hey, you two – you’re not the only ones on this plane.  Mellow out a bit, okay?”  Trying to sound Mom-like and authoritative, truth was – Annie was every bit as excited as her kids.  For years she and Eddie had been trying to make it back to the island where he was born, but life always seemed to get in the way.    Who knew that  he’d be gone before their kids even hit high school age.  Man, she wished he was here now – even more than usual.

Suddenly her daughter’s head popped up from the seat in front of her, dark brown curls bobbing with the movement of the plane.  “So Mom, is Aunty Rose going to be at the airport?”  Emma laughed.  “I mean, I know she is, I just wanna hear you say it again.”

Rose Vasquez was Eddie’s older sister, who was more like a mom to him than a sibling.   When Eddie moved to the mainland USA with hardly a backwards look, Rose was the one who made sure her little brother kept in touch with his family, his roots.  Annie had met Rose twice.  Once when they took a spur of the moment trip to Maui as newlyweds; hardly older than the twins were now, and once after Eddie died.  Rose didn’t come for the funeral or any memorial service.  But two weeks after he passed, she just showed up one day – all the way from Hawaii to Boston.   Had Rose asked beforehand, Annie would have politely declined her offer to visit.  But she didn’t ask. Rose came and stayed until she felt that her young sister-in-law was going to be okay.    Somehow Rose just knew what she needed.  Suddenly Annie couldn’t WAIT to see Rose.  And she had forgotten that the water could be that shade of turquoise.

“The pilot has begun the descent.  We’ll be arriving at the Kahului airport in about twenty minutes.  On behalf of flight crew, we’d like to thank you for flying United Airlines”

While Joseph’s blonde head remained calmly turned towards the window, Mother and Daughter conspiratorially high-fived each other in a fit of silent giggles.

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