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Aloha to my Facebook friends and the five people who occasionally read my blog,

I’ve decided to change how I “do” social media for a bit. This has been percolating in my brain for awhile now – before the whistleblower stuff or the accidental (?) Facebook shut down this past week.

Many of us complain about how their current algorithms are narrowing the scope of what we see, and forcefeeding us stuff we were never interested in seeing. But because we enjoy keeping in touch with the handful of “facebook friends” that we are actually ABLE to interact with, we stay. But it sucks.

Therefore I’ve decided to continue to post the same kind of ramblings and life updates that I generally post on FB, but I’ll post them here. On my poor, unused blog. With a link to them over there —> (FB)

So you’ll be able to follow the link just fine. Although I would prefer comments HERE (rather than THERE), you would have to tell WordPress your email addresss to do so. It will NOT get published, but it’s one little way they try to weed out scammers. But most of you will ignore my preference and will comment over there. Sigh.

I’ll continue to come to FB to read your stuff and also to keep up with our Whitehall-Bexley Rotary page, as well as the district, zones, and all that intricate Rotary-structure stuff. And yes, to keep up on groups I’ve “liked.” [that always makes me feel like a sixth grader, asking Debbie who she thinks Jeff B “likes” this week] But again, I digress …

Oh, and yeah. I’ll keep posting photos over there. I still owe a bunch of ya some Florida and Georgia photos, and a seasonal door wreath (inside joke) will be forthcoming.

Ok, later, Taters …

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