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As opposed to my occasional and random “this is what I think today” posts, my friend Tania has an interesting blog with focus and purpose. Her Maui Shop Girl‘s tagline is “living large in a small space, passionate about design and a creative life” and that defines it perfectly.  Hopefully Tania is contagious and my blog will catch a case of Clarity & Purpose.  But in the meantime, I’m happy to hop onto one of her side features.  Each week she offers a Take A Picture prompt and invites us to jump aboard and shoot a photo that is inspired by the weekly prompt.  The current topic is H2O.

I thought about it.  Then I thought about it some more.  Then I wandered away, came back, spent twenty minutes picking the price tag off the notebook I was using and then, well, you get the idea.  Water is such a huge part of life – especially when we live on an island – that it was almost too big of a concept for me to narrow down.  Don’t forget, I’m working on that focus thing. Anyway, I clicked through an online photo album for inspiration and finally decided that the huge, vast concept is exactly what I want to post about.  Why? Because…

By sheer volume, water can make us seem tiny by comparison.


Yet it can hold us in thrall of its delicate beauty

dew flower

Water can be the source of lighthearted fun for boys

boy playing w dad

for their dads

dad playing w boy

and even for this little guy

bird sprinkler

It’s the perfect backdrop for dramatic scenes that play texture against type

rope beach

It can be the means for celebrating the life of a departed friend


and perhaps most importantly, it is the source of our sustenance  – nourishing our bodies and offering itself as an agent to pass on our knowledge to future generations.

tweetie taro

wai, kai, agua, eau … small words for such a huge part of our lives….

Editor’s Note: You can click on the photos to see them larger and I heartily recommend that for the little Singin’ in the Rain bird guy

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