So This Thing Happened …

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It’s a little before 6PM on a Thursday evening.  I was going to simply log in to see if a check cleared, but Spotify comes up automatically and I thought “why don’t I track down that Ambrosia song that I’ve been wanting to hear” and you know how one-thing-leads-to-another so yep, here I am… thirty minutes later … awash in ancient rock & roll.  BTW, when exactly did R&R get old enough to be called ancient?

But I digress…

Here’s the point:

In the middle of fifty-eight and one-half year old me totally rocking out to Crosby singing “Almost Cut My Hair” I caught a whiff of the absurdity of it. Not because of my age – heck just TRY to stop me, lol.  The “absurdity” is simply that the current me often forgets that I am in fact THE establishment now, and have been for a couple decades.  It’s a very weird time traveling kind of thing – like when Marty McFly kept running into himself in the Back to the Futures.

It makes the 58 year old me want to ask the 20 year old me, “Well, how’d I do?  Did I live up to your values?  Or did I sell out?”  Although it would make me a little nervous, I would like to know what she thinks.



PS: I’m not talking about win-win compromise and maturing; that’s all good.  I’m talking about “the compromising of integrity, morality, or principles in exchange for personal gain.” Definition compliments of Wikipedia.  😉 And I’m thinking “personal gain” can encompass many things, including convenience.


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