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If Adam and Jamie Can Do It …

Posted on: January 4, 2021

Facebook (ugh) has played a major role in alleviating the weirdness of pandemic-motivated social distancing, I have to admit. However it’s a pretty superficial form of communicating, especially for those of us who don’t want to be in a constant state of either intense arguing or – the equally useless – preaching to the choir. Nevertheless, I occasionally find some sparkling gems among the cat and dinner pix.

Such is the case with Boston Dynamic’s video of their best robotic creations dancing to the Contours 1962 classic “Do You Love Me?,” narrated by Mythbuster’s Adam Savage. I’ll add a link to the end of this article.

But what prompted this blog entry isn’t the great video. It’s an interesting article that I uncovered during my inevitable journey down the Adam Savage rabbit hole, about the fact that he and Jamie Hyneman did not personally get along. At all. To those of us Mythbuster devotees who were oblivious to this apparently well-known fact, it’s worse than learning our parents never liked each other! WHAT??!!

How could two people who co-hosted a successful TV show for fourteen years NOT like each other? How could they never have even had interest in having dinner together, or in keeping in touch?

Adam said it was fairly easy, based on several points:

1. They had a process that worked and they believed in it.

2. They respected each other’s work ethic.

3. They didn’t let their egos get into the way of doing the right thing.

4. They had similar beliefs in handling and using their fame.

This touches on why Facebook ain’t cutting it for me right now. Normally I am fairly accepting of others’ perspectives. But I’ll be honest. I am struggling with getting past the fact that folks that I had previously liked and respected, are still Trump fans, in January 2021. Not characteristic of me, but it’s a chasm that is still wide open. And finding a way to resolve that difference has not shown up yet.

So maybe I’ll try to “be like Adam and Jamie” and see if I can apply these concepts to that great divide. Of course, the fourth point – fame – is not really as issue for most of us. Maybe for us regular folks, a comparable issue would be how we want other people to see us.

Here’s a link to the Business Insider article. Would like to hear your opinion. But not your rant.

And of course, the cool video, which is probably more to most people’s liking.

2 Responses to "If Adam and Jamie Can Do It …"

Man, I am not familiar with Adam and Julie, but you cannot go by me. I’m not familiar with most post 80’s people. Anyway, your writing is the best part.

YOU DON’T KNOW ADAM AND JAMIE FROM MYTHBUSTERS???!!! This is what I get for hanging out with high school buds that weren’t nerds, lol. (mahalo for the props my dear friend)

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  • Joyce Burke: This was great too read
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