Is There Life After Retirement?

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So here’s the thing …

Awhile back I decided to write story based on a recently retired person, and a friend suggested a senior citizen with superpowers. Now I think he was just being funny, but the damn idea lodged itself in my brain and now I have a whole scenario in mind. And since I don’t care about being published, etc. I decided my only goal is to amuse myself and a few of you clowns.

One of most laborious parts of writing (or pre-writing) is character development. Whether or not the writer uses the information or not, he/she must absolutely and intimately know EVERYTHING about their protagonist. Being the lazy person that I am, I’ve decided to simply make the protagonist … ME. That way I already know the character!

Taking my Easy Button way of doing things even farther, I decided to write it in First Person – like I’m just telling you this thing happened. I like easy. A lot.

Of course, I don’t really have super powers and my life/self is not exciting enough for madcap fiction, so I have to invent bigger than life mindsets, events, foibles, etc. right? So far, all good.

But recently an event in my real life imitated a situation in my fake life and it occurred to me …

WHAT IF PEOPLE WHO KNOW ME THINK I’M ACTUALLY DOING SOME OF THE SHIT I MAKE UP FOR THE STORY???!!! Not the superpowers – that would be fun for me to have you think THAT. I mean the events, etc.

So that’s my somewhat paranoid concern. Writers and readers among you – what do you think? Am I going to regret going down this road???

I’m kind of laughing at this, but not entirely. Like: ha ha ha wait.

Talk to me, gang. Here, or wherever you see this.



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