Is There Life After Retirement?

February Twenty-Fifth

Posted on: March 29, 2009

This was a writing exercise for ‘Six Sentences” where the posts are supposed to be exactly, well, six sentences.  It’s wayyy harder than it sounds, and leads to some very creative punctuation:

The worst trouble I’d ever gotten into were the times she thought evil had befallen her only daughter.

The first time I remember was the afternoon I called out to her, through Dad’s winter coat and my snowsuit, to let her know I’d locked myself in the closet and needed her to rescue me and no, I was NOT lying at the bottom of the basement stairs with a broken neck.

Then there was the time, while taking huge steps through the fresh mud with my red rubber boots and brand new socks, the left boot got stuck in the ooze and I yelled for help because I knew if the perfectly clean white sock came into the house covered with wet brown dirt, there would be hell to pay. And no, I was NOT about to be swallowed up by quick mud (in the middle of Ohio).

By adulthood our roles reversed, as evidenced by the time an ostrich got loose from the petting zoo and barreled down the Fort Steuben Mall towards us and she dealt with it by using me – her only offspring and light of her life (allegedly) as a shield, for cryin’ out loud.

She would have been eighty-three today.

Colorado, 1977

Colorado, 1977

4 Responses to "February Twenty-Fifth"

what a beautiful tribute to your mother. seems to me that you’re a real writer too.

peace and love ~ carol

Mahalo, Carol. And how nice of you to visit! I was enjoying your site as well.

What an awesome woman she was ,maybe one of the greatest ive ever had the privlage of knowing.I can say she was fun,she was smart and she was so adaptable to any time or era and the coolest lady to walk the face of the earth,I loved her then and love her today and still think about her very often and after yrs of her being gone,she still makes me smile and laugh,and i truely believe she hears me when i talk to her.I simply called her Granny.

After reading your comment, I sat here and cried for ten minutes. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
PS: She loved you, too. Sooooo much.

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