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Reckless – Chrissie Hynde’s Autobiography

Posted on: June 1, 2016

So I’m about seven chapters in to Chrissie Hynde’s autobiography, “Reckless: My Life as a Pretender” and two things have made a big impression, one positive, one not.  I’ll get the “not” out of the way first.  I chose the audiobook version and really wish I hadn’t.  Rosanna Arquette – who I like very much – reads it.  As a book narrator, she’s fine.  But having Hynde’s wry, honest words come at me in a higher pitched girly voice is driving me nuts.    When the author is someone whose voice is so familiar to me, I really want to “hear” it in their voice.  Literally as well as figuratively.  But that’s just my little whine.

But what truly strikes me is the detailed accuracy of growing up in blue collar-ish Ohio in the sixties.  Born in 1951, Hynde is only three years older than I am.  So from having to “red up the house” to the phenomenon of underground music hitting us rust belt teens smack in the middle of our musical awareness, she really gets it right.  It’s in the throwaway details that someone not from the era or area will probably miss.  So far – at least until the point where she becomes a word famous rocker – it’s as though she’s writing OUR autobiography.

I’m familiar enough with her life to know that some difficult times are coming up, such as 5/4/1970 (she actually was a Kent State student at the time) or a horrific experience probably not made easier by Quaaludes.  But really – I want to read it all.

It would be interesting to hear what someone who is NOT from my age or geographic demographic thinks of it.  Feel free to add your two cents’ worth.   And incidentally … I don’t think there was a ghost writer. It’s all Chrissie.



3 Responses to "Reckless – Chrissie Hynde’s Autobiography"

Marti, I so recommend that you connect w/ writers on twitter, #sundayblogshare, #mondayblogs, #wwwblogs and there are some genealogy bloggers too for your family stuff. Sounds like the book is very “on target.” Courtney – Maui Jungalow

Yeah, uh, I don’t really like Twitter. I think I’m going a different direction. But mahalo, Courtney.

I parked this one here, but the intent was to reference it on tsu, which I did.

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