So This Thing Happened …

Found: An Attempt at Playlists from 2002

Posted on: August 22, 2016

Ok, yes, I’m a lousy housekeeper, not overly organized and a bit of a packrat. This combination of traits can lead to a perfect storm of “omg, where IS that thing??” On the other hand,  it may give rise to a joyful reunion between myself and a piece of stuff from a distant part of my life.  For example, last month I found my stepson’s 1996 school photo in my Organizional Behavior (MGT 122) file from two semesters ago, and a small box of handmade Fimo miniatures that have apparently been in a three tiered stuff holder, in a back corner of my desk for a number of years.

But last Thursday was the best.  While looking for an insurance form, I found a printed sheet of playlists for various moods, that I started to write in Hana, probably a decade and a half ago.  It was dog eared, scribbled on and incomplete, but most importantly it is … FOUND!  The best part?  I can now actually CREATE the playlists.  Back in 2002 I would have had to physically track down the music via CDs, iTunes (which I still don’t understand) or hire the original artists to come play for me.  Okay, here are my playlists in progress.  Would LOVE to hear suggestions of what to add.  You can even tell me about songs from this millennium.  Speaking of which, here’s a caveat:

Please understand that I was living in a secluded town that only received one radio station, so that’s my excuse for the music being so … ancient.  [Thinking of Michael and Harold’s Big Chill conversation about music from this century.  But I digress]

Comments?  Please add suggestions to any of the categories. I didn’t edit, so a few of the category names were never really intended for the outside world. [blushes]

Okay, I’m off to “Spotify” them, so here ya go…

To Clean the House
Nutcracker Suite
Tough Enough (Fabulous Thunderbirds)
Katchi Katchi Music (Willie K)
Turn the Beat Around (Vicki Sue Robinson or Gloria Estafan)
Twist and Shout (Isleys OR Beatles)
Love Shack (B-52s)

I Got the Music in Me
Sir Duke (The one and only Stevie Wonder)
Drift Away (Dobie Gray)
Walkin’ in Memphis (Mark Cohn)
Bell Bottom Blues (Eric, of course)
I Love Music (Tavares)
Creeque Alley (Mamas & Papas)
Do You Believe in Magic (Lovin’ Spoonful)

Hear Me Roar
What I Am (Edie Brickell)
Respect (who else could possibly sing it?)
It’s Too Late (Carole, of course)
Shining Star (EW&F)
In My Life (B’s)
Greatest Love (George Benson)

Through to the Soul
The River (Talking Heads)
Into the Mystic (Van da Man)
Over the Rainbow (Iz)
What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye)
Limbo (Jimmy Cliff or John Cruz)
Jesus Children of America (Stevie W)
A Day in the Life (B’s)

In the Mood
Moon Dance
At Last (Etta.  Only Etta)
Sea of Love (Phil Phillips or Honeydrippers)
Crazy Little Thing (Queen)
Popsicle Toes (Michael Franks)

Mushy Stuff
Help Me (Joni)
Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)
That Sunday, That Summer (Nat or Natalie)
Beginnings (Chicago)
Fallin’ (Keahiwai)
This Could Be Real (Richard Elliot)
Your Smiling Face (James Taylor)

Break Up Songs
You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me (Smoky)
Shes Gone (Hall & Oates)
This Ol’ Heart of Mine (Isleys or even Rod Stewart, oddly)
I Can’t Tell You Why (Eagles)
Crazy (Patsy Cline)
Masquerade (Leon Russell)
The Thrill is Gone (BB King)

Life Sucks
Eighteen (Alice Cooper)
Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
Manhattan Island Serenade (Leon Russell)

Chill Factor (Richard Elliot)
Street Life (Crusaders)
The Calling (Santana)

Singing a Portrait
Vincent (Don McLean)
Raised on Robbery (Joni Mitchell)
When Sunny Gets Blue (Kenny Rankin)
Jamaica, Say You Will (prefer Joe Cocker version)
Levon (Elton)



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