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About Marti Wukelic

maui-news-pubI already  blog and Twitter and haunt Facebook and have succumbed to about a hundred other too-much-information things.  This site is simply a front room where I can park the occasional pieces of writing that I actually like.  And the obligatory bio can be found any number of places and won’t be included here.  But if ya are wondering anything about me, just a-s-k.

Thanks for stopping by.  And I LOVE getting comments on my posts.  (hint, hint)



5 Responses to "About Marti Wukelic"


Thank you for contacting me and letting me know you’re reading the website way out there in Hawaii!

Wow! Did you travel far! I think there’s a small group of people there who started a Serbian Orthodox Church as I remember sending $25 to help it get started about 15 years ago. Are you a member? Maybe it wasn’t on your island. I can’t remember now.

Anyway, I’m thrilled you wrote. Didn’t find you on Facebook, but I’m there with so many other Serbian names you probably are very familiar with. So, when I went back to the email you sent, I saw your “Write what you know…” website and have enjoyed the stories very much!

You’re a great writer. What you have to do now, is find a Serbian theme and send the story to the SRBOBRAN for all of us to read. Tell us about Hawaii and how you wound up there!

Sponsor a trip there or something….. even though I said I would never go back to Hawaii after it took me 13 grueling hours to come home one time. (Apple Computer sent me there to write lesson plans with some friends from around the USA….. although that was fun, the ride home was horrible! Ughh!)

But sooooo nice to talk to you and know that we are EVERYWHERE! Everywhere! I get emails from Brazil, Australia, all over Europe. Nice!

You’ll have to see my charm bracelet some time! Loaded with a piece of 8, and a “Ja Volim Tebe” for Gus, sometimes in the early ’70’s! A couple of those photo charms on my Nick when he was 1 or 2 years old (he’s 39 now!) You brought back some great memories!

Marti – you are an excellent writer!
I am looking forward to discussing how we can use your talents in that respect to our mutual benefit.

Hi Marti!
I agree you are an excellent writer. I enjoyed reading about the phrases we used to collect and make into collages. In fact I still have the collage you made for me. Trying to figure out how to get your email. Maybe this will get us connected????

Paula Jo

” a front room where I can park the occasional pieces of writing that I actually like.”
Great description of what blogs are like for so many. Hope the new year brings lots of adventures to you. (and now I have to wander around here a bit more)

Thank you! “Wandering around here a bit” is exactly what I’m doing, and just learned about whooping cranes. Looking forward to future posts.

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