Is There Life After Retirement?

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During the course of a day, there’s an ongoing lowkey debate taking place in my subconscious regarding the good/evil aspect of the degree to which the cyberworld has taken over our lives.

But today the “it’s a good thing” team won. I decided to ask the Great Internet about something that I’ve wondered about since early childhood. Grabbing my laptop, I fired up my web browser and typed:

“Why is the first pancake always bad?”

And lo & behold … it TOLD ME WHY!!!

Granted, it also told me fourteen other things I didn’t need to know and will probably be trying to sell me pancake batter for the rest of my life. But for now … thank you, Internet. Take the win. For today, at least.


  • Joyce Burke: This was great too read
  • Debbie: I'm with miracarroll--it's your story, so create however you want. Leave the rest of us wondering which of the (mis)adventures are real, which might b
  • miracarroll: Marti, surely the people in your life are wise enough to know (especially after you say it) that you're a writer and in fiction, everything is fair ga