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Getting My Attention

Posted on: February 29, 2012

About six years and many blogs ago, I came to an odd realization.  Whenever a profound and timely bit of universal wisdom came my way that I was particularly “supposed to” hear, a funny thing would happen.  The song Tin Man, by the group America, would begin to play.

Whether it was from the  radio, the TV,  even coming from another car while waiting at a light –  hearing that melody was a clear message to really PAY ATTENTION to whatever I was thinking or talking about at that moment.  The strangest time was last fall.  While sitting in the parking lot at the restaurant Stella Blues, I stopped to tell my friend about a decision I’d just made.  She listened for a minute and said, “Oh, that’s gotta be the right thing because the guitar player is singing your Tin Man song!”  Sure enough… I tuned in to the faint sounds coming from the restaurant just in time to hear “…smoke glass stain bright color…”  Damn.

That brings us up to earlier this evening.  Something had been troubling me all day.  You know, how it goes around and around in your mind?  Finally, one clear, strong thought rose above the rest.  Is that it, I wondered.  Is that the answer?  At that moment  [Click here now and then come back and finish reading this] my car began to slowly fill with the familiar acoustic guitar intro.  Yep.  Confirmation.  I’m on the right track.  Thanks!

I totally accept this as tongue-in-cheek universal guidance.  I’m only posting this because I have a feeling this truth might be something a few others might need to hear at this exact moment.

What was I thinking when the song came on?  Just this:

“Do not accept less than you deserve.”



9 Responses to "Getting My Attention"

Hi Marti! I loved your post! Actually I’ve experienced some pretty cool things myself in the last 6 years. In fact, something came up that caused me to write in March blog post a lot earlier than I usually do! I just had to set aside time to post it because it was meant to be.

I know what you mean by paying attention….things happen all around us and many of us, miss out on very cool things 🙂

Have a great day!

First, I want to say that I like that song Tin Man and have listened to it many many times especially when I was in high school 🙂

Thanks for sharing your experience and insight on listening to universal guidance. In my life, it’s usually starts with a hunch, then a prayer for discernment and a guidance from the Holy Spirit….


Great blog post! That is so cool how that happens to you. Tin Man… I wonder why that song. Is there something that triggered it to be the stand up and take notice song?

That’s so awesome Marti! It says a lot that you recognized when you’re being guided. So often we’re too wrapped up in our own world to pay enough attention. Thanks for the reminder. Tin Man reminds me of my Dad. He LOVES this song. I remember many drives to Kona listening to this 🙂

I believe in this kind of universal guidance too! It happens to me this way: I officially let go of a small problem I’m trying to solve — usually having to do with creative ideas. Then, when I’m brushing my teeth (weird, I know!), a creative solution pops into my head. Most of the time, it’s a solution I can use.

Great thoughtful post!

What a great example of synchronicity! You are being tuned to your internal guidance.

At first I thought the song was playing in your head (because that happens to me ala Ally McBeal).

Great song and great post.

The world works in mysterious ways 🙂

“tongue-in-cheek universal guidance” is the best! No need preach, just accept it from wherever it shows up. Thanks for the great reminder and the video link!

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