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Oh now I remember … I know how to cook

Posted on: July 26, 2016

So in this take out, eat out, thaw it out life of mine, I sometimes forget that – not only do I know how to cook, but I’m also pretty good.  I’ll go for months without using my kitchen for anything more than making coffee, heating water for tea or boiling some fresh ravioli and pretending I “made” it.  Then – for a day or two – I buy fresh ingredients, break out the olive oil, cut some fresh herbs and voila!  I actually MAKE SOMETHING. And I love it.  For a while at least.  Then my short attention span kicks in, life gets in the way and it’s back to Costco prepackaged stuff and Foodland’s poke bowl.


This week I had some extra time so I made stuffed red peppers one day, and – one of my favorites – ratatouille – the next.


Here’s the thing about ratatouille …Normally I like bold flavors and spices, but this dish is different.  It consists of simmering a variety of fresh vegetables – tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, onions and garlic – until they mix and marry and become a quiet little stew-like symphony of compatible yet distinct flavors. It’s subtle, so you have to really PAY ATTENTION.


Normally I just chop it all up and throw it together and let the alchemy happen.  But yesterday I decided to  follow a recipe (somewhat).  This one, in fact.  The prep took longer, but I liked the way it evened out the degree of “cookedness” of the various veggies.  I was pleased.


But that’s not why I’m writing.  At the very last minute I did something that sent my tastebuds into orgasmic delight.  Before I brought my bowl to the table, I sprinkled some crumbled Feta cheese over it, along with some fresh basil.  OMG, it was great.


And for breakfast?  I simmered a healthy portion in a saucepan and then broke an egg into it and poached it in that beautiful broth.


And those two improvisations is why I’m blogging it. I am a taste crusader and am urging you all to try it.


2016-07-24 19.54.19 (2)

Here it is!  Think: hot, bubbly, tasty …

3 Responses to "Oh now I remember … I know how to cook"

Love this

My mouth waters. I’ll bet you make some mean cabbage rolls!

I make incredible cabbage rolls. No tomato sauce, though. That – to the Serbs from my grandmothers’crew would be almost as bad as voting for Trump. 😉

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