Is There Life After Retirement?

Aloha and Welcome!

Posted on: October 1, 2020

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feet to the fire

So there I sat …
three full months into retirement, and two months into a radical relocation. While marveling at the concept of a “gas fireplace” after thirty plus years of living in the tropics, I couldn’t help but wonder – how did I get here and what in the hell did I just do?!

And then I laughed.

Care to join me on my post-retirement adventures?

  • martiwrites: YOU DON'T KNOW ADAM AND JAMIE FROM MYTHBUSTERS???!!! This is what I get for hanging out with high school buds that weren't nerds, lol. (mahalo for th
  • ronmitchelladventure: Man, I am not familiar with Adam and Julie, but you cannot go by me. I'm not familiar with most post 80's people. Anyway, your writing is the best par
  • ronmitchelladventure: Truth be told, I wanted to ask, "Can we touch with anything we want?" Decided not to ask, as sometimes a sick sense of humor falls flat. Plus, I was c
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