So This Thing Happened …

Consider This a Photographic Interlude

Posted on: June 3, 2018

As I change the idea and theme of my blog, I realize that I don’t want to:

A. Trash the old stuff

B. Or go through the hassle of changing the theme.  Therefore, here are some photos. lol


My Island Boy’s first encounter with snow (around 2000)


Where I earn a living

20170302_230134 (2)

“Rotary has eaten my life” (said with humor and affection)

2016-08-14 17.37.30

My crazy hobby

2017-07-10 15.07.06

Helicoptering over Kauai (2017) 

2016-01-21 17.09.44

I don’t know.  I just like it.

2016-12-22 22.27.47

My new favorite place to spend Christmas 🙂


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